Fashion: denola grey’s style

Fashion: denola grey’s style

Things to know about denola grey’s style

Denola Grey is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable men in Nigeria and there are certain things to love about his style.

Denola Grey’s fashion and style is amazing.

This year, the actor and fashion consultant shut down Nigerian social mediasphere with his Touch-it Challenge on Tik Tok, (a challenge where the person changes outfits multiple times while in motion through edits). .

Here are couple things we love about Denola Grey’s style.

His skin

Denola Grey’s skin radiates a shimmering caramel glow every time.

His face

In the words of Davido “one-time tiri gbosa for the mama wey born you” His bone structure is angular and chiseled and exudes a modelling aura every time.

His outfits

We are not aware of anytime he had a bad fashion day. All his outfits are back to back hits. No misses.

His styling

Styling is the way the outfit is put together and accessorized. This is something Denola Grey has got on lock. Give any designer clothing to him and he will style it to perfection.

His poses

One thing is for sure; he knows how to strike a pose. He has the most fashionable poses even supermodels would be envious of.

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