Music review: olamide UY SKUTI

Music review: olamide UY SKUTI

Uy Scuti: Evolution of rapper Olamide

For months, ace Nigerian rap artiste, Olamide, had teased his fans with the release of his 11th studio album, Uy Scuti.

To whet the appetite of his fans, he released the first single of the record, Rock, which was instantly embraced by his fans.

Soon after the release of the low tempo melodious song, it became a favourite among users of video content social media platforms like Tik Tok and Triller. Little wonder the song debuted at number nine on Triller Global Chart about a week ago.

With the release and commercial success of Rock, Olamide’s fans seemed assured that the YBNL boss would release another mind-blowing body of work, and he did not disappoint them.

Barely hours after releasing the album, Uy Scuti, the rapper has received praises from his colleagues and fans. More so, the album has begun to dominate charts across the world.

The album is named after a red supergiant star in the constellation ‘Scutum’, which is considered as one of the largest known stars.

The rap artiste hinted in an interview that he got the inspiration for his recent body of work from his son who is a big fan of astrology.

Like the supergiant star, Uy Scuti confirms Olamide’s status in the Nigerian music space as a super-giant star.

The ten-track album, which is a melodious composition of easy-going, cool and mature songs that can be ‘vibed’ to anywhere, shows the growth of Olamide.

His most recent album, compared to his first album, Rapsodi, shows that Olamide has grown into his element as he showed that he cannot be put into the box of being called a rapper because he can sing as well.

Despite his evolution, the megastar sticks to his use of English, Pidgin English and Yoruba languages to pass his message across melodiously.

The rap artiste’s first massive hit song, Eni Duro, which was released in 2011 is a sharp contrast to his 2021 hit song, Rock.

As a young rap artiste, Olamide, in Eni Duro, delivered his rap flow with heated aggression and passion just to tell his competitors that he is a force to reckon with, but in the song ‘Rock’, a matured Olamide sang melodiously and vibed with the beat effortlessly, showing his growth.

Some would argue that Olamide began to experiment with this flow when he sang the song ‘Melo Melo’ in 2015. The smooth, slow tempo love song caught many of his fans by surprise as they were used to his rap antics.

Olamide further used his previous album, ‘Carpe Diem’, as another litmus test for his musical evolution. But with ‘Uy Scuti’, he perfected his craft to the delight of his teeming fans.

Commenting on his recent album, heavyweights in the Nigerian music industry have referred to the project as a ‘great body of work’.

For instance, Don Jazzy tweeted, “The bro @Olamide just blessed us with an amazing body of work. #UYSCUTI.”Corroborating Don Jazzy’s assessment, sonorous singer, Timi Dakolo, said, “Please, if you see this tweet, just give @Olamide his Flowers. #UYSCUTI is an amazing body of work.”Furthermore, in a series of tweets, Olamide revealed to his fans that it was not easy for him to keep the project to himself for one month before releasing it.

“He wrote, “Imagine listening to #UYSCUTI alone for a month…. I want ment! I couldn’t wait to share with the world.

“Glad it’s finally out #YBNLMafia run up the numbers! You know as the thing de go.”(sic).

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