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Hints And Tips For The Perfect Wedding


There are many things that you can do to have a perfect wedding without spending a fortune doing it. One of the first things that you need to do is develop a wedding plan, decide who is helping you plan your special day, and stick with it! Work a budget into the mix that is written in stone and stick within your means no matter what. Consider working with a professional wedding planner or consultant who has the know how to help you find ways to save money.

There are lots of traditional wedding expense breakdowns and financial responsibility
assignments, following general outlines or etiquette rules and suggested practices. Traditionally, the bride’s parents would foot most of the bill, parents of the groom might want to contribute in some meaningful financial way, shape or form or just pay for specific things, or even share costs equally.

Some couples choose to save, pay for their own weddings, others use the kindness of
benefactors, and other family members who want to contribute and lessen the burden on
everyone. Couples and parents find innovative ways to deal with the expenses they face. They set up a wedding account, where everyone’s contributions are deposited. All bills are paid from that account, or they split costs in three equal parts. Parents on both sides and the couple each take a third of the expenses and cover their portion of the cost.

Setting up a master ‘wedding account’ is always a great idea to control spending, manage
budgets, avoid conflicts. You can ease the financial burden this major life event is placing on everyone by offering a unique service and channel for one-and-all who feel they want to
contribute. It also provides the family with the unique opportunity to have others provide cash. It is accepted practice that attendants pay for their own clothing, but in some cases, especially where the option to share expenses has been mobilized, the wardrobe will be “funded” so to speak. Rentals that will have to be returned and/or purchased, traditional, themed or even home-made outfits are always other options as well, depending on your wedding’s unique style, set-up and context. Traditionally the bride and/or her family would pay for the bride’s dress, veil and accessories; her mother’s dress and father’s formal wear as well as the bride’s trousseau, honeymoon clothes and lingerie.

Reception – the bulk of the cost for any wedding would be the food and drink, partyrentals,
music and entertainment of your guests on the big day. Cost cutting suggestions and innovative cost sharing, will all go a long way to assist you plan the reception. Making it fit your budget is both a challenge and a joyful endeavor! Getting professional help from a seasoned, well-versed wedding expert will be dollars saved in the end and a smart investment strategy to help you curb costs AND create the perfect ambience and backdrop for your wedding celebrations. Do not go through the journey alone – consult often and frequently shop around and be creative, making your reception the one to remember without having to break the bank!

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