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Dj 3gga ft Hanson Baliruno – Everywhere you go

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3gga is the stage name of Vienna-based DJ and Artist Michael Osayande. Born and raised in Benin City, Nigeria, 3GGA has been established in Vienna since 2001 and is one of the local Afrobeats/dancehall scene’s central protagonists. Known as party organiser, Artist/producer, and DJ, he’s a frequently booked guarantee for energy-packed parties at Viennese clubs ranging from Volksgarten to the Prater-Dome. 3GGA’s sets are characterised by the driving beats of his Nigerian roots and the music of the far-flung black diaspora, above all of Jamaica. With his own productions, 3GGA has made a name for himself far beyond Austria’s dance floors—like with his track Satisfy Me, which hit number one on the Nigerian charts—and he also collaborates regularly with greats like Jamaican dancehall queen Spice or Anthony B, also recent colaborations with dj Peter Pann, Ice Prince Zamani, T-Smallz Katato, Hanson Baliruno e.t.c
3gga is a co founder of the Afrobeatdjs Europe and presently the Public Relation Officer.

Instagram @3ggaone


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