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Asari Dokubo says ‘Nnamdi Kanu is empty in the head’

Dokubo and Kanu have been hurling insults at themselves in recent times.

Niger Delta militant and leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Force (NDPSF), Asari Dokubo, has described Nnamdi Kanu as a tyrannical airhead.

Kanu, who leads the outlawed Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), was arrested in Kenya in June and extradited to Nigeria.

He was on the run for four years, after his home was invaded by security personnel.

Dokubo has maintained that Kanu’s Biafra separatist agitation is a fraudulent ego trip; and that the Ijaw or south-south region shouldn’t be roped into Kanu’s Biafra conversation because the region is not part of Kanu’s Biafra.

“I have no business in his IPOB as long as it does not concern Biafra,” Dokubo says on AriseTV, adding erroneously that an Ijaw man coined Biafra and was the first to move a motion for a Biafra Republic in the 1960s.

He also says Kanu’s Biafra struggle is tyrannical because it seeks to alienate persons of other religions like Islam.

“I am not a Jew. I am not an Igbo man. Biafra is not an Igbo territory. Nnamdi Kanu is empty in the head,” Dokubo fumes.

In June, Dokubo called Kanu a criminal and conman.

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